Dating Fails

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The Ultimate Dating Troll

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At Least He Apologize...

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So True

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Awkward Tinder Exchanges & Amusing Bios

Anyone who has been single in the last decade or so probably understands just how bleak Tinder can be. It's filled with strange, lonely people. Some prospective suitors are intensely creepy, and make your skin crawl. Others are try-hards who seem to have stalked your profile and are suddenly interested in all of your hobbies. If we're being real, though, 90% of Tinder exchanges are generally just boring. Once in a while, thanks to subreddits like r/tinder , we get to witness those strange and a…
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Mennonites Gone Wild

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The Joys of Tinder

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You're the Best, Tinder

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dating site for trump supporters

Dating Isn't Easy for Donald Trump Supporters, Luckily There's a Site for That

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Online Dating Summed Up By One Picture

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Making the Perfect Dating Profile

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The Saddest Tinder Screen

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Tinder IRL

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Definitely Good Father Material

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Everyone Knows Horsemeat!

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He Knows What the Ladies Want to Hear

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There's Always the "Meet People in the Real World" Option as Well

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