Dating Fails

online dating

He's Really into Greek Statues

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Created by Unknown

Pick Two

bad idea unfortunate online dating funny - 8121968896
Via Unknown

At Least She's Honest

honesty online dating funny - 8262705152
Via Oh No She's Single

Stop Giggling...

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Created by Unknown
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Tinder IRL

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Now That's a Damn Sexy Man Buck

wtf sexy men profile online dating funny - 8394148096
Via Terrible Tinder Tales

I Love Boosting Other People's Self-Esteem Unless They're Genetic Doggerel

ok cupid online dating racist We Are Dating - 5056191232

Sorry, I've Gotta Cancel, My Nipples are Chaffed

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Created by Patanon

Seems Like a Red Flag

crazy wtf bad idea online dating funny dating - 8307950080
Via Goddammit OKC
stand up online dating funny Video dating - 61014017

The Weirdness of Online Dating

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He's Just a Single Dad Looking for Love

he doesn't need to pass a quiz just to find a loving woman
Via Brown Cardigan
hacked online dating funny Video - 65409025

How to Hack Online Dating

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That's Not a Good Sign

depressing funny online dating g rated dating - 8134502656
Via unknown

Whoa, I Bet She's Perfect

Music expert online dating funny dating - 8192605952
Via 3144636

Now That's a Good Conversation Starter

online dating Cats funny dating g rated - 8346358016
Via Mister Unorthodox
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The Most Private Thing You're Willing to Admit...Is Terrible

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