Dating Fails

online dating

This Guy Wears the Pants, Ladies. Deal With It

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Yeah, No Pressure at All

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Online Dating Comments Are Weird

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What the Ladies Want

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That Is a Great Message

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If Online Dating Was a Job Interview

this would double the amount of rejection letters I already get
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The Most Honest Tinder Profile Pic of All Time

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sexually themed inappropriate memes list | pullout game is non existent NISSAN PATHFINDER SILVER TNVTVN | Person - Can U figure out this means TIL

20 Sexual Memes Just For The Adults

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Fat Girl Tinder Profile

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Sisyphus Is Dating?

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A Little Whoopsy

men are the head of the house hold
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funny tinder, dating fails, funny dating memes | Tie - Day 1: download Tinder, look at all beautiful girls date Day 10: CRY LOT LIE TRY DOWN NOT CRY

The Funniest Tinder Posts Of The Week (9 Memes)

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I Love Purple Fedoras

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But is the Dating Free-Range?

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Good Lines Can Come From Anywhere

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Goods and Services

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