Dating Fails

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Forever Alone

forever alone online dating We Are Dating - 5169266432
By dylan0314
parody online dating funny Video - 56445697

Find Family and a Little More on ""

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This Guy is a True Charmer

snapchat gym online dating funny - 7846352384
By Unknown

Definitely Good Father Material

message online dating funny Father dating - 8387612416
Via Cockroach Stein

You Could Date a part of History

history tinder online dating funny - 8272699392
Via Meancloth

At Least You Know He Flosses and Likes to Travel

funny online dating profile pic wtf - 8196278272
Via Everything Zen I don't Think So
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6 Outrageous Dating Profiles

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It's Good to Have Goals

wtf online dating funny - 8278613504
Via Cringe Pics

Oh...Buhbye Then

online dating, size matters, romantic
Via Acid Cow

What Is Going on Here?

funny idiots online dating dating - 8238784256
By claire_bear

I Love Purple Fedoras

Via browncardigan

Looks Fine to Me

eharmony funny online dating - 8167403264
By Unknown

When You Have to Put "No Lie" at the End of a Sentence You're Probably Lying

okcupid liar idiots online dating funny - 8383137792
Via Dating Is Awful

Not Sure the Problem Is With the Ladies

wtf profile idiots online dating funny - 8199787520
Via Eileen Paints
IRL tinder online dating funny college - 69074177

Tinder IRL On a College Campus

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Music online dating funny Video - 60231169

The Anthem for Online Dating

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