Dating Fails


May Your Commute be Lonely no Longer!

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Te'o Gets the Taiwanese News Treatment

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Australian Anchor Disses Co-Anchor's Package On Air

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New Survey Reveals That Frequent Emoji Use Suggests You Might Be a Horndog

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I Do Not Believe Ryan Gosling Would Approve

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First Penile Transplant a Success

can you say peen in the news?
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Japanese Game Show Where Guys Are "Pleasured" While Singing Karaoke

I need to move to japan just for their game shows
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trump supporters dating site

Site Specifically Tailored for Single Trump Supporters Wants to Make Dating Great Again

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This Time, "Stinky-Poo" Wasn't Just a Pet Name

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Hey Babe, Dinner, a Movie, and Incarceration?

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Woman Chops Off Husband's Penis...Twice

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The Mask Must Have Had Extension in the Back

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