Dating Fails


Headline FAIL

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You Could Never Tell From Her Expression

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Shot Through the Heart

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Wait, What Now?

women should be into butt stuff
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We've All Felt it, but This Guy Took it One Step Further

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Woman Attacks Boyfriend for Rejecting Her Advances in a Public Restroom

dating relationships fail Woman Attacks Boyfriend for Rejecting Her Advances in a Public Restroom
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This Ohio Airline Wants You to Join the Mile High Club

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The Things You Can Get Arrested For

that must have been a very small package
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There's Someone Out There For Everybody, Apparently

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Two strangers who joked about meeting on Tinder for three years were finally introduced on Live TV.

Two Students Who Joked On Tinder About Meeting For Three Years Finally Meet On Live TV

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Will These Two Get a Room Already?

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"Small but Impressive"

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IKEA is the End of All Relationships

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I've Seen Enough Military Strategizing to Know Where This Is Going

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You're My Life Now, Warehouse

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It's Best Not to Find Out

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