Dating Fails


Smooth Criminal of the Day: Man Proposes to Girlfriend While Under Arrest

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Cheating FAIL

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One Florida Woman Won't Stand Her Husband's Stinky Game in Bed Anymore

funny fail image florida woman attacks husband over farting
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The Things You Can Get Arrested For

that must have been a very small package
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The Barter System is Alive and Well in Texas

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Is it Getting Hot in Here?

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We've All Felt it, but This Guy Took it One Step Further

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By thegruffudd
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Sorry Dad, Your Son Does Not Want That Hand Lotion to Keep His Skin Hydrated

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These Two Aren't Going to Last Long

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Two strangers who joked about meeting on Tinder for three years were finally introduced on Live TV.

Two Students Who Joked On Tinder About Meeting For Three Years Finally Meet On Live TV

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Be on the Look Out for What?

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Love for the Loveless

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Shot Through the Heart

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New reports suggest that the UK might be getting its first sex robot brothel.

New Reports Indicate UK Might Be Getting Its First Sex Robot Brothel

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Best Headline Ever or Greatest?

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The Internet Watches as the Mystery of the London Bridge Wedding Photo Unfolds

dating news wedding The Internet Watches as the Mystery of the London Bridge Wedding Photo Unfolds
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