Dating Fails


It's All About How Aroused They Make the Male

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This Is Why You Go to Germany

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This Arson Victim Solves the Case on Live TV and Wait, What Did She Say the Reason Was?

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Hotness of the Day: Tinder Reveals Most Right-Swiped Athletes in Rio

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What Happens When You Don't Like Your Government-Sponsored Boob Job?

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Thirsty News Reporter Runs Down Jogger She Just Interviewed

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That Must Have Been a Hard Pun to Come Up With

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Doing Some Sexy Window Shopping

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You Won't Read a More Insane Headline This Week

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This Request is Like Fighting Against the Current

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You Know Your Marriage is Wrecked When You Rob a Bank to Go to Jail, Instead of Paying a Divorce Lawyer

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Woman Arrested for Marrying 10 Men Without Divorcing Any of Them

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Shane Hoban comedy show cancelled after he uses abusive language with date | Hi! Sorry I didn't shoot you a text back yesterday - just want to be honest I'm not sure I feel a huge connection here and I don't want to waste your time tonight (and I'll likely have to hang around this networking event tonight to find potential clients). I'm gonna have to pass on meeting up for drinks. Really wishing you the best and good luck on your show on Friday! You're not even my type either you're some dumb

Rejected Comedian Gets What He Deserves After Verbally Abusing Date

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One Florida Woman Won't Stand Her Husband's Stinky Game in Bed Anymore

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This Dudebro Makes a Dirty Joke About an Adult Video Star and All He Got Out of it Was a Date With Her. Wait, WHAT?

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It's Like They Don't Like Talking About Their Wrinkly Bodies or Something

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