Dating Fails


The Ladies Love It

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Nerd Love: It's a Beautiful Thing

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You Can't Just Love and Leave

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Do You Want the Freshest Pickup Lines?

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Sometimes You can Be a Little Too Honest

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It's Only a Few Pages Away from "Lonely"!

forever alone funny - 7806756608
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Let Nurse Nicole Play Doctor With You

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Ask Her If She's Good at Anatomy...

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Now That's a Pickup Line

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Now Thats a Hot Lady

what men want is a hairless cat
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Always Keep Up Home Maintenance

crack house wall funny - 8174064384
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When You Got to Have it, You Got to Have It

man has sex with a post box
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I Do Not Believe Ryan Gosling Would Approve

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Whose Fantasy Is This?

funny unfortunate dating - 8369441280
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A Straight Girl's Guide to Gay Boys

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