Dating Fails


This is a Brave New World

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Headline FAIL

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Some Roommates Have the Courtesy to Leave a Note During Self-Sexile

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Sorry About Your Childhood, Bro

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Communication Is Key

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And That's How You Smooth Talk the Ladies

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That Lined Up Perfectly!

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Farmers, It Has Talking Cows?

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Trust Us, Money Buys Happiness

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That's Like, at Least 10 Burgers

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She Has Though Long and Hard About This

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What Kind of Friends Are These?

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She Has a Terrible Flaw...

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Girls Aren't Always Cleaner Than Boys

girls live out of their cars
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A Whole New Way to Sext

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tumblr rants that are practically memes at this point

22 One Some Of The Most Relatable Memes

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