Dating Fails


Looks Like She's Taken

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The Only Way to Celebrate

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Funny text messages that'll keep you entertained. | oo Verizon LTE 03:44 1 11 Julianna 00 is not palindrome but is also hi Wait No uts not first one is Why are lying Wait need second Oh fuck Oh Jesus right Oh my god iMessage

24 Entertaining Text Messages That'll Crush Your Boredom

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5 Tips for a Fun and Easy First Date

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A Squeaky Bed Frame Does Not Lie

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Parents Ruin All Sorts of Sexy Times

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Don't Let Any Dog Keep You Down

Cats boyfriend dogs funny dating g rated - 7926344704

It's Revving Up!

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Cast Out the Demons!

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Mike Bobrinskoy Talks About Ok Cupid

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It's an End in and of Itself!

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extra weird tinder profiles

17 Extra Weird Tinder Profiles To Satisfy Your Guilty Pleasure

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Well, That Works

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Someone Think of the Dancers!

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She's a Keeper

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