Dating Fails


That'd Do It

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The Differences Are Subtle Here

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Dad's Knows Best

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Great advice

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Consider Yourself Warned

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people share the biggest red flags they ignored in relationships | thumbnail Text - obj @objsucks 000 what's the biggest red flag you ever ignored? i'll start. i dated a guy who drank vodka milks. not white russians. vodka with ice and whole milk. that's on me. 11:42 PM Dec 27, 2020 Twitter for iPhone 12.5K Retweets 13.5K Quote Tweets 326.4K Likes, Thank Dog! M @Stephanie_KJ 000 Replying to @objsucks I dated a guy who used to share a single chocolate with his mother in the evening after su

Women Reveal The Biggest Red Flags They Ignored In Relationships

Relationship red flags which should NOT be ignored
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Finally, a Dating Tip in Cosmo Worth Considering

Finally, a Dating Tip in Cosmo Worth Considering
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That's a Terrifying Thought

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Judd Apatow is Here to Help Teenage Girls With Their Problems

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Adult Film Stars Give Their Dating Advice In Honor Of Valentine's Day Tomorrow

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Speed Reading

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If You Need Some Tips, Here are Some Weird Things That Turn Girls On

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Better to Be Broke, Than Broken Hearted

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Trolled Advice Columnist Wraps Up an Episode of Seinfeld in One Paragraph

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Wisdom from the Mac

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