Dating Fails


Wisdom from the Mac

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These "Kids" Probably Know More About Romance Than You Do

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dating advice twitter

Just in Time for Valentine's Day, Twitter Offers Dating Advice with #HowToKeepHer2016

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Adult Film Stars Give Their Dating Advice In Honor Of Valentine's Day Tomorrow

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Snoop Dogg's An Expert On Relationships

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Just Don't Swallow

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Dating Advice From Second Graders

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19 Depraved and Sex-Crazed Individuals Share Their Best NSFW Life ProTips

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A Straightforward Way to Tell if Someone Likes You

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Trolled Advice Columnist Wraps Up an Episode of Seinfeld in One Paragraph

sienfeld advice Trolled Advice Columnist Wraps Up an Episode of Seinfeld in One Paragraph
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Amy Poehler's Love Advice is the Stuff All Young Girls Need

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That's Swell, Sally. Pass the Harlot Salad.

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Talk Bikes to Me, Abby

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I Get Dung Beetles in My Stomach, Too

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Advice from the Tiniest Bro

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