Dating Fails


That's Swell, Sally. Pass the Harlot Salad.

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Sound Advice From Siri

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A Straightforward Way to Tell if Someone Likes You

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Snoop Dogg's An Expert On Relationships

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19 Depraved and Sex-Crazed Individuals Share Their Best NSFW Life ProTips

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The Only Dating Advice You'll Need is Given By This 94-year-old Irish Grandmother

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Some Advice for the Bride to Be at a Bachelor Party

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Love Is Quite Simple Really, It Works Like This

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These "Kids" Probably Know More About Romance Than You Do

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I Get Dung Beetles in My Stomach, Too

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Thanks for the Heads Up, Cumber-Bro!

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If You Love Someone

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Men, Take Notes

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The Difference Between Being a Gentleman and Being a Not-Jerk

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First, Might Want to Check You're Using the Right Phone

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Great advice

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