Dating Fails


Every Couple Was Kung Fu Fighting

FAIL relationships dating - 8811439872
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angry dating FAIL girlfriend relationships struggle - 1160453

These 25 Dudes Share What Stupid Little Things Got Their Girlfriends Super Pissed

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This Will Be a Great Profile Picture

dating fail gifs This Will Be a Great Profile Picture
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snapchat breakup

Guy Documents Aftermath of His Breakup with Series of Sarcastic Snapchats

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Removed Hair and Dignity Easily

funny fail image veet hair removal amazon review
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greeting cards FAIL sister dating - 8804240384
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Someone Doesn't Know That Tinder Doesn't Come With a Money Back Guarantee

funny fail image tinder date wants his coffee money back
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marriage FAIL summer proposal lake Video dating - 80467969

Looks Like This Guy is Getting Engaged to a Fish Now

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dating fails on facebook

30 Complete Idiots Who Got Caught Cheating and Exposed on Facebook

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Bride's family pressures her to give up her wedding venue to her pregnant sister because they claim "she needs it more."

Bride's Family Pressures Her To Give Up Her Wedding Venue Cause Her Pregnant Sister "Needs It More"

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FAIL kids poop parenting Video wedding - 76964865

Sometimes Kids Can Be a Real Wedding-Party-Pooper

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The Groom's Face Says It All

marriage FAIL wedding dating - 8816375552
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You Tried

breakfast FAIL cooking dating - 8798195456
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FAIL conversation booty call texting funny dating - 1336581

People Share the Most Ridiculous Booty Call Texts They've Ever Received, and the Thirst Is Overpowering

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Anthony Weiner is a Great Example of How Not to Sext as a Dad

funny fail image Anthony Weiner busted sexting with toddler son in bed with him
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guy arrested for joking about being a killer

Guy On Tinder Proceeds to Get Himself Arrested For Joking That He's a Serial Killer

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