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FAIL sad but true Video dating - 83695361

With Painful Accuracy This Video Shows How Crazy Boyfriends and Girlfriends Can Get Over the Art of Texting

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angry bride tweets

Enraged Bride Live-Tweets Terrible Customer Service from W Hotel on the Night of Her Honeymoon

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When You're Your Own Valentine, Treat Yo' Self

Funny fail Valentine's Day cucumber solution
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Guy Breaks Into Ex-Girlfriend's Apartment, Gets Hit With Slab of Firewood and Proceeds to Take Roughest Mugshot of 2016

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FAIL creepy tinder conversation texting dating - 1330437

Crazy Guy Finds Girl From Tinder on Facebook and Proceeds to be a Full-Fledged Psychopath

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FAIL funny Video dating - 84607745

Watching This Chick Explain Why She's Not Friends With Her Ex Makes For a Weird Source of Entertainment

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caught busted FAIL reaction drones Video dating - 318215

This Guy Caught His Wife Cheating By Following Her With a Drone and Decided To Put it On Youtube

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FAIL stories Video dating - 82786561

Sometimes Remembering How You Met is a Struggle For Real Couples

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That Awkward Moment Your Group Text About the Crazy Chick Gets Sent to the Crazy Chick

crazy FAIL girls texting dating - 8803601408
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No One Wins

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girlfriend finds out her boyfriend is cheating

Dangerously Angry Chick Finds Out Long-Term Boyfriend's Been Cheating on Her, Destructive Chaos Ensues

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Idiotic guy trolls his own "Wanted" ad on Facebook and ends up getting rightful serving of instant karma.

Criminally Idiotic Criminal Mocks His Own "Wanted" Ad On Facebook

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Bride's family pressures her to give up her wedding venue to her pregnant sister because they claim "she needs it more."

Bride's Family Pressures Her To Give Up Her Wedding Venue Cause Her Pregnant Sister "Needs It More"

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Super Socially Awkward Dude Shares Devastating Story About His Failed Romantic Move on Star Wars Date

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A funny petty revenge story about how sapphires aren't a Karen's best friend | r/pettyrevenge u/rosexknight Sapphires aren't Karen's best friend. Not my story but my cousin's. Let's call him Dave. So Dave (34M dating Karen really long time (like 4 years) and earlier this year he finally proposed. Now, Karen bit gold digger and very entitled person. She bit white trailer trash but fancied herself rich lady. She VERY vocal all other women family about she wanted traditional diamond ring

Petty Revenge Tale: Sapphires Enrage Karen

Good for Dave.
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bumble FAIL conversation funny dating - 1012229

6 Times Bumble Just Straight Up Blew Us Away

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