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It’s the happiest moment of your life, when that special someone pops their shirt off and pops the question.

Some people don’t know how to react to this? For some, a tearful “yes” will suffice. For others, falling through a stage is the only response.

That’s what Texan woman Endyugi Shoedarsono did when her shirtless boyfriend proposed to her during a music festival in Dallas. Mediaite reported, “Boyfriend Jeff Jackson got on one knee at a Crizzly show to ask her to marry him while Colton Carlyle filmed the whole thing and caught the tumble.” True love exists.

Endyugi’s ok, though. She posted on Facebook.

Don't feel too bad, Edyugi, it happens to the best of us. Even Kelsey Grammer, TV's Frasier. 

via billschoe43