Dating Fails

You Had Me at "Tom"

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I Don't Get It

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Stop Asking Questions You Don't Want to Hear the Answer To

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The Odd Couple

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How Sweet!

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Videos, screen grabs and twitter posts of a wedding in which an EX showed up and passed out photos of the bridge giving BJs and someone thought it was one of the groomsman and a fight broke out.

Guy Shows up at Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding, Puts Pictures of Her Giving BJs on Every Table, and Chaotic Brawl Ensues

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Protip: There Is No Correct Response, Just Run

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He Was Always so Self-Centered Anyway

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Wow...That's Horrifying

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That Thought Days Before Valentine's Day

I'd settle for a warm pillow, not just biological females
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That is True Mastery of the Seductive Arts

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Hey Maybe You'll Get Lucky

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British Dating Show 'Naked Attraction' Aired Last Night and People Weren't Ready for the Genitals

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You Should Check Your Phrasing

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Back to Our Cave!

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No Bottoms?

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