Dating Fails

Cuddlr for When You Just Want to Cuddle

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Every Maid of Honor's Job

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wife prepares sign for husband traveling to las vegas

This Wife's Sign For Her Husband's First Vegas Trip is #RelationshipGoals

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When You've Got No Chill and You Know What You Want...

When You've Got No Chill and You Know What You Want...
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He Was Just Flirting

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According to These Chicks, Keep Your Dick Pics to Yourself

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Batteries for Your Reading Lamp, We Hope?

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The Actual, Saddest Bad Luck Brian

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Just do a Light Tap

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Grandma's Garden Hobby Seems Like a Sham Now

Grandma's Garden Hobby Seems Like a Sham Now
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A Really Really Hot Goblin Tho

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Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

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Intelligent Design

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The Next Best Things

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