Siri, what does Siri mean? Do you follow the three laws of robotics? These are just some of the hilarious results of asking Siri serious questions beyond directions to the local bar. Be careful what you wish for.

Pranking The Fiancé

breasts name prank siri - 5626082816
By DanceColinDance
parody siri Video - 35306753

Kidnapping Siri

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Siri Is Way Behind the Fictional Technology From a Superhero Movie

iron man siri technology The Avengers tony stark - 6213446400
By Unknown

She's Lazy Too

siri laziness AutocoWrecks - 7873017344
By QuikSlvr223 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

What Also Floats in Water?

ducks monty python siri - 6554603264
By Unknown
Music siri song - 33038849

Siri Sings Backup Vocals in Latest Flaming Lips Song

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comic siri - 5572963072
By Unknown

I Did Nazi That Coming

Hall of Fame joke nazi siri - 5415788288
By Unknown

My $400 Friend

forever alone friend iphone 4s siri - 5649655552
By Unknown

If You Know What I Mean

halloween joke siri - 5976232960
By Unknown

Siri is Just Pretending to Ignore You Now

siri pretending - 6983629568
By Unknown

Siri Is Evil!

smart phone siri me gusta apple iphone - 6822238464
By Unknown

Siri is Trying to Make Your Trip More Interesting

siri funny - 6562430976
By iUsername

Orphans Gotta Work Too

children siri - 5563285248
Via Sh*t That Siri Says

Friendzone Level Siri

siri - 6325126912
By Unknown

Anti-Joke Siri

anti joke chicken chicken cool siri - 5394222848
By josetupla (Via Memebase)