Siri, what does Siri mean? Do you follow the three laws of robotics? These are just some of the hilarious results of asking Siri serious questions beyond directions to the local bar. Be careful what you wish for.

I Think That's a No

love me siri no - 7036871936
Created by sickmorphine ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Well Thanks For Responding in the Creepiest Way Possible

siri - 6303427072
Created by Unknown

The Downside of Giving a Program a Personality

insults siri - 5390226176
Created by Unknown
siri Video - 32531457

Siri Is Sick and Tired of Your B.S.

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Get Back Into the Kitchen, Kevin

beeyotch Hall of Fame message sandwich siri - 5412368896
Via Sh*t That Siri Says

Oh Look, Wolfram Found a Picture of Your Mom

mom siri wolfram your mom - 5394104576
Via Sh*t That Siri Says

Not Even Siri Can Handle Being a Wage Slave

sandwich siri - 5416333056
Via Sh*t That Siri Says

Siri, I Think You Have a Problem

Cats siri - 6297177088
Created by Unknown

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

follow the yellow brick r siri wizard of oz - 6578919936
Created by Unknown

They're Not All in Kenya, You Racist

black siri white - 5854336000
Created by Unknown

Straight Outta Oaktown

ghetto siri - 5577860096

Siri is Getting Sassy

siri note literal g rated AutocoWrecks - 6964948992
Created by Unknown

Can YOUR Personal Assistant Sing Pithy Moralizing Ditties?

siri - 5672648960
Created by Unknown

At Last, My Wildest Siri Fantasies Are Coming True

engrish pr0n sign siri - 5767102976
Created by BornAgainAtheist

Scumbag Siri

joke siri - 5954257408
Created by Unknown

Siri's Not a Morning Person

alarm siri - 6649968640
Created by JackSpoons
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