Siri, what does Siri mean? Do you follow the three laws of robotics? These are just some of the hilarious results of asking Siri serious questions beyond directions to the local bar. Be careful what you wish for.

Friendzone Level Siri

siri - 6325126912

It's the Most Whimsical Twitter Account!

AutocoWrecks g rated siri zooey deschanel - 6253843200

Root Privileges Are the Programmer Version of "Please"

Hall of Fame iphone make me a sandwich sandwich siri - 5323322880
AutocoWrecks commercials Funny or Die siri Video YT video zooey deschanel - 38064897

Jooey Deschanel is Just as Quirky as His Sister!

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ellen siri Video - 29987841

Robin Williams' Siri Impression

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A True Player

Music rap siri - 5424689408
Via Sh*t That Siri Says

Can't Blame a Man For Trying

siri - 6719728896

Siri, You Racist!

black racist siri - 5570671104
Created by brendo441

Siriously Not Funny

jokes siri iphone - 6794372096
Created by Anna0626

Heartbroken to Say the Least

siri married - 7384440832
Created by xxWAFFLExx ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

What Does It Matter?

siri funny - 7450668800
Created by xxWAFFLExx ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Pranking The Fiancé

breasts name prank siri - 5626082816
Created by DanceColinDance

Get Back Into the Kitchen, Kevin

beeyotch Hall of Fame message sandwich siri - 5412368896
Via Sh*t That Siri Says

I Wuv Yoo Sooooo Much, Phonenenene

drunk siri - 5312109568
cold iphone siri - 40984833

Siri Hates Hot Weather

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Siri Doesn't Find Me Attractive

attractive weather siri - 7016652800
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