Ahhhhh I See What You Did There

clever I see what you did there kia nokia - 6391497216
By Unknown

The History of the Indestructible Phone

indestructible nokia - 6253278464
By Unknown

Why Are You Using the Past Tense?

nokia nostalgia - 5687524864
By buvan80

If Brand Names Were More Honest

kids nokia nostalgia old pun - 5654396160
By Unknown

And Thus, the N-9 Was Born

indestructible nokia iphone nokia - 5729090048
By mossytehkitteh

When You See It, You'll Sh*t Nokias

AutocoWrecks engrish nokia poop - 6048671232
By Unknown

OK That Game Isn't Even a Little Fair

nokia - 6327714048
By Unknown

That Thing Will Survive the Next Ice Age

indestructible nokia - 6375054848
By Unknown
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