Further Proof that Nokia Phones are Indestructible

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By Unknown

Remember When You Were Cutting Edge?

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These Should Be Standard Issue in the Military

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Carrying on the Family Legend

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When You See It, You'll Sh*t Nokias

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Like a Rock

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There Can Be Only One

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The World Needs Protection From You, Nokia

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And Thus, the N-9 Was Born

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By mossytehkitteh


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By Hanavas

If Brand Names Were More Honest

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And Then the World Exploded

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By PhillyNV

OK That Game Isn't Even a Little Fair

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Suddenly Wolverine is a Much More Believable Character

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Samuel L. Jackson in His Greatest Role Ever As iPhone!

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By Psychebastian

Who Needs iPhones, Anyway?

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By Unknown