The Evolution of the Phone

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8-Bit Angry Birds

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The Phone in the Stone!

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It's Just So Delicate!

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And Thus, the N-9 Was Born

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Created by mossytehkitteh

No Magic Can Break Free From That

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The Best Bulletproof Vest Money Can Buy

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Like a Rock

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Via awesomephilia
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Nokia's CEO is Not a Fan of the iPhone

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Suddenly Wolverine is a Much More Believable Character

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Created by Unknown

Do It ALL Yourself

bluetooth DIY nokia smartphone - 5583053312

Worst Gift EVER

nokia trolling gift - 7230856704
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There Can Be Only One

AutocoWrecks g rated indestructible indestructible nokia nokia - 5935511552
Created by Unknown

Nokia is Undefeatable

Cleverbot nokia - 6572462592
Created by AnimeCritic16

Remember When You Were Cutting Edge?

nokia blackberry g rated AutocoWrecks - 7830241536
Created by Unknown

Ahhhhh I See What You Did There

clever I see what you did there kia nokia - 6391497216
Created by Unknown
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