After 12


Not Cigarettes, Bro

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Stop Crying to Adele and Start Rolling to Wiz Khalifa's Version of 'Hello'

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I Don't Know What That Smell Is

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Hit It But Don't Quit It

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The Laziest Mob of All Time

the marijuana mob is a lazy mob
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Way Better Than Chicken Nuggets

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Oprah Knows What Her Audience Wants

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I Like How You Think!

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He is... The Most Worst Drug Dealer in the World

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Good Weed and Good Vibes Gets You Rides

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Time to See Your Dealer

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Happy 4/20 From Carl Sagan!

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A Pot Quiz About Politics

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The Best Weed He's Ever Had

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Moses and the Burning Kush

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Damn, Let Me Have a Hit

dog as small as a bong
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