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Police. Cops. Popo. 5-O. Whatever officer might be looking for, you'll find all that here and more. These coppers will charge you up like a battery, so get a shock to your system with witty police humor.

drugs Video police FAIL weed - 79233793

Gardening Protip: If You Need Help Tending Your Garden, Tell the Police That Your Yard Is Full of Weed(s)

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Booze News: To Protect and Slosh

booze news cops drunk driving dui dwi officer police - 6437532416
Via CBS Philly

Hooray for Drug Dealers

wtf drug dealer cars funny police - 8316839424
Via Punch You

Kids Are Still Doing Toad

drugs kids funny police after 12 - 8217016832
Via Brown Cardigan
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The Uncomfortable Irony of Your Personal License Plate Choices

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FAIL new zealand weed Video police - 210695

New Zealand Small-Town Police Decided to Burn a Bunch of Confiscated Weed and it's Exactly as Stupid as it Seems

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Some Cops Understand What It's Like to Be Blackout Drunk

cops drunk text blackout funny police - 8300775168
Via Elite Daily

Sorry Sir But You Can't Do That Here

gross outdoors police puke street vomit - 4602038528

Drunk The Police!

car drunk funny passed out police - 4633747968
Created by Ionootz

Ruining Your Life? Here, Let Me Get That For You Buddy

arrest arrested cops crime Hall of Fame jail police - 6375097088
Via Stop the State

Help, Police! It's a Beermergency!

beer run cops police - 6491428352
Via Huffington Post

Destroy The Evidence

after 12 arrest drugs evidence gifs police - 5706987008

Police Troll Drug Dealer After Finding His Stash

police trolling drugs Police Troll Drug Dealer After Finding His Stash
Via @MPSCamdenTnCSgt

What an Oddly-Shaped Breathalyzer

beer bong breathalyzer chug chug chug police - 5222904320

Seems Legit

cop Party police - 6399622656
drinking drunk nope dui Video police - 72754945

This Woman Does What Every Drunk Person Considers When the Breathalyzer Results Are In

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