After 12

bad idea

Pretty Much Guaranteed You'll Black Out

bad idea beer pong huge wtf after 12 g rated - 7900956672
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Somehow I Think It's Worse to Drink This

bad idea cure old timey hangover funny - 7515938560
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Does Your Car Have a Fold Out Bar?

bar wtf bad idea car funny - 7625906176
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bad idea bar kid - 4150478336
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It's Going to Be a Blackout Day

wtf bad idea pub funny soup of the day - 8286532096
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The Truth

beer bad idea kids funny - 8134207488
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A Chain Saw?!?!

bad idea chainsaw passed out - 4705197056
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Don't Do It!

bad idea drunk text wine funny - 7736868864
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That Dude in the Mankini Just Burned My House Down!!!

bad idea fire house roof - 4599257088
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Don't Get Drunk and Try to Fix Cars

bad idea cars passed out funny after 12 g rated - 7446085376
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This Night Will Not End Well

bad idea duct tape funny drinking games - 7456388096
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The Leprechaun Drinking Game

bad idea movies leprechaun funny drinking games - 8106349824
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Crunk Critters: The Stoned Age

bad idea crunk critters dinosaur stoned - 5230600960
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Don't Touch the Beer

guns beer bad idea funny - 8120794624
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Free Haircuts*

bad idea drunk haircut Party - 4436821248
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Inmates Escape Prison, Get Drunk, Then Return

bad idea drunk prison funny - 8277081088