After 12

bad idea

The Party Is Getting Hot

bad idea drunk hot tub Party - 4607217408
By Snake73

Possibly the Worst Thing to Name a Beer

beer bad idea funny - 8358407168
Via Kidt82
beer bad idea funny - 56189697

Now That's a Spicy Beer

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Powdered Alcohol Commercial

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Don't Put a Mentos in Beer

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By Unknown

It's Going to Be a Blackout Day

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Via Ace HiStation

Signs Point to Yes

relationship bad idea drunk funny - 7592745728
By Unknown

Don't Get Drunk and Try to Fix Cars

bad idea cars passed out funny after 12 g rated - 7446085376
By Unknown

Never Pass Out Near A Pyro

bad idea drunk fire outdoors passed out stupid tent - 4488072192
By Jon

I Hope You're Not Planning on Driving That

bad idea car passed out wtf - 4259341568
By todd73

A Decent Place to Pass Out...

bad idea passed out road - 4757325056
By Unknown
bad idea beer drink drunk vomit - 13065729

I Hope This Wasn't Your New Years Eve

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Consider Yourself Pickled

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Beer Cannon < Beer Flamethrower

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By Unknown
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Someone Had a LOT Too Much to Drink

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Free Haircuts*

bad idea drunk haircut Party - 4436821248
By Unknown