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bad idea

Why Would You Do Such a Thing?!

beer bad idea funny oh god why - 8346908160
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bad idea pub idiots funny after 12 - 65430529

Don't Try This At Home...Or at a Bar

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A Chain Saw?!?!

bad idea chainsaw passed out - 4705197056
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What a Delicious Combo

beer bad idea breakfast funny - 8158405632
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Waxy Regret

bad idea drunk hair - 4605623552
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Follow Your Doctor's Instructions

bad idea drunk medicine doctor funny after 12 g rated - 8285794816
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bad idea bar kid - 4150478336
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Need Money for Bathroom

ATM aww bad idea bathroom pee - 4307199232
Created by roblombardi

Duct Tape is Pretty Strong

bad idea duct tape stuck wall - 4418436864
Created by Pokerule1

That's a Day 1 Mistake Dude

beer bad idea funny mistakes - 8096714496
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I Hope You're Not Planning on Driving That

bad idea car passed out wtf - 4259341568
Created by todd73

Somehow I Think It's Worse to Drink This

bad idea cure old timey hangover funny - 7515938560
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Happy Hours End in Sad Mornings

bad idea happy hour hangover funny - 8227424768
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Someone Stop Her Screaming...

bad idea hair screaming - 4284528640
Created by roblombardi

Make a Terrible Life Choice: Be a Grad Student

the simpsons knows it doesn't pay to be a grad student
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Why You Shouldn't Let Drunkards Watch Avatar

bad idea drunk - 5579863552
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