After 12

bad idea

bad idea eww vomit - 18661633

It Starts Out So Innocent...

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Go Ahead Spill Your Expensive Brandy

brandy bad idea funny - 7466753792
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Weed Makes You Do Terrible Things

please don't listen to weed
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beer bad idea funny - 56189697

Now That's a Spicy Beer

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This is Probably Not a Great Way to Go Through School

beer sign school bad idea funny - 7016989184
By Unknown

I Usually Say, "NO," to Drunken Baths...

bad idea drunk no - 4418443264
By Pokerule1

Does Your Car Have a Fold Out Bar?

bar wtf bad idea car funny - 7625906176
By Unknown

It Doesn't Work, Try Beer...

sober beer life bad idea funny - 8015334144
By Unknown

Seems Like a Terrible Promotion

beer drinking bad idea funny after 12 - 8232914432
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wtf bad idea ads Video - 60624385

Powdered Alcohol Commercial

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A Chain Saw?!?!

bad idea chainsaw passed out - 4705197056
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wtf bad idea vodka scorpion funny - 7485464064
By Unknown
beer bad idea idiots funny - 62227201

He's a Terrible Thrower

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This Night Will Not End Well

bad idea duct tape funny drinking games - 7456388096
By Unknown

Good Luck With That

bad idea beer - 4653574912
By Unknown

Free Haircuts*

bad idea drunk haircut Party - 4436821248
By Unknown
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