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bad idea

She's Angry About Something...

woman angry at something
By monetlilly

Play Beer Pong Like a Champ

bad idea beer pong funny wtf - 8114846720
bad idea eww vomit - 18661633

It Starts Out So Innocent...

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wtf bad idea vodka scorpion funny - 7485464064
By Unknown

A Decent Place to Pass Out...

bad idea passed out road - 4757325056
By Unknown

Don't Get Drunk and Try to Fix Cars

bad idea cars passed out funny after 12 g rated - 7446085376
By Unknown

A True Hero

beer news bad idea funny after 12 - 8363079936
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Pretty Much Guaranteed You'll Black Out

bad idea beer pong huge wtf after 12 g rated - 7900956672
By Unknown

It's Going to Be a Blackout Day

wtf bad idea pub funny soup of the day - 8286532096
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Wedgie Ambush!

bad idea group shirtless wedgie - 4560001280

Tip, Don't Wear White Pants

bad idea vomit - 4623074304
By Unknown

Public Service Announcement: Please Don't Smoke Your Booze

news booze bad idea psa funny - 7522564096
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What a Delicious Combo

beer bad idea breakfast funny - 8158405632
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Free Haircuts*

bad idea drunk haircut Party - 4436821248
By Unknown

Someone Failed Their Bathroom Check

bad idea eww toilet paper - 4154013696
By Unknown

The Leprechaun Drinking Game

bad idea movies leprechaun funny drinking games - 8106349824
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