After 12

Doing God's Work

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Woo Girls Are Too Trusting

bathroom internet puking toilet vomiting woo girls - 5812946688
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Jeff Pls...

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Well, That Alleviates My Fears

sign scotch Germany funny after 12 g rated - 7589315072
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Dude, What A Night

beer bottles too much - 6639531264
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Happy Drunk Thanksgiving!

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That's Ingenuity

wtf tacos drunk idiots funny id after 12 g rated - 8152247296
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It Comes Premixed With Milk for a Balanced Breakfast!

breakfast milk jagermeister funny - 8409388544
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We Come From The Planet WUBWUBWUBWUB

Aliens dubstep Hall of Fame WUB WUB WUB - 5738508032
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Norway wtf funny bachelor party - 52615425

Norwegian Bachelor Parties Are Exciting

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This Pleases The Pu-King

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Grab Yourself a...Pint?

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Louis CK On Public Drinking

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Beer Should Taste Like Mountain Dew

beer beer bong mountain dew funny - 7667354368
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Anything is Possible - A Drunken Compilation

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