After 12

Hangover Level: Frigidaire

fridge hangover refrigerator - 6266201600
Created by Nami05

So That's What Link Drinks

absinthe art legend of zelda video games funny - 7870268672
Created by Unknown

Most Profitable Bar Tip Jar Ever

bar Death justin bieber tips - 5328073728
Created by Unknown

Training for the Junior Olympics

beer bong parenting - 6184936704
Created by Unknown

We Just Found her Like This

cooler girl passed out street - 4353710848
Created by xxandiex

How To Tell When You Have A Problem

alcoholism drunk lamp problem shut up - 5282172672
Via Jan Stenmark

A Clever Disguise

beer camouflage can molson soda - 5340519424
Created by Unknown

Short Answer? Yes.

beer capri sun awesome funny after 12 - 7561736448
Created by G-Unit1111 ( Via Food Beast )

Do Shots of Freedom!

funny usa shots - 8235514112
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And the Double Standard Marches On

double standard illegal marijuana underage drinking - 6610495744
Created by Unknown

Does it Taste Like Coffee?

beer label coffee funny - 8319685632
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Can of the Week: Grisette

beer can of the week funny - 7610914304
Created by Unknown

Sorry, Michele

beer after 12 sign g rated - 8315935232
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How Do I Get on This Team?!

drinking wtf funny vintage - 8101040640
Created by Unknown

A Drink Worthy Of the Master Chief

happy hour the drunken moogle after 12 g rated - 6955767296
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News Pun WIN

news drugs marijuana pun pot - 6773233408
Created by Unknown