After 12

Even Evil Needs to Unwind Sometimes

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The Asgard Method of Bottle Opening

sloshed swag Thor bottle opener hammer - 6751906304
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The Life Hack Cops Don't Want You to Know!

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Miniature Alcoholics Rejoice!

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There's a Fine Difference in Terminology Here!

alcoholics drunks - 6434715392
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Booze News: Tebow Gets Own Beer, Probably Thanks Jesus For It

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Always Know Your Dealer

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Snow White and the Seven Shots of Tequila

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Happens to the Drunkest of Us

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The Right Glass for the Right Job

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Make Every Halloween Party a Drunk Halloween Part

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The Ultimate Wino's Christmas Tree

christmas wine tree funny after 12 g rated - 7948333824
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The Cost of Beer

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The WUBWUBWUB Is Coming For You

dubstep rage comic WUB WUB WUB - 5720404480
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Drunk Level: Potato

potato toy story - 6157822464
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Just Gotta Call Saul

breaking bad drugs - 6943590400
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