After 12

Now That's a Classy Lady

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Kush Jenkins Leaves People Weed Who Visit the Library

Some people really know college students need weed
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Party Hard: I Don't Remember This Episode...

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Rule #1: Do NOT Fall Asleep

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What's Your Halloween Look Like

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Help, Police! It's a Beermergency!

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28 Drinks Later

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Does He Get Those Shirts for Free?

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The World Through Beer

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He Will Dance You The Dance Of His People

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Have A Very Crunky Christmas

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Now Those Are Some Good Reasons

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I've Said That Before

news headlines are best written when you''re drunk
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Drink a Little When You Play TF2

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It's Gonna Be An Interesting Lecture

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It's Hard to Get Doors Open When You're Drunk

you need to get in your room somehow
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