After 12

Never Pass Out Near A Pyro

bad idea drunk fire outdoors passed out stupid tent - 4488072192
By Jon

My Savior

jesus crossover bottle opener funny - 8060642048
By Unknown
bad idea drunk - 50185217

Drunk Explanations

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Lucha Libre Imbibing

after 12 beer bong bewbs lady bits woo girls - 6014153472
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drinking alcohol shower hungover mistake - 6952325376
By Unknown

It's a Great Pairing, to be Fair

chips chug messy pringles spill - 5969003520
By Unknown

Hey She's Not Even Peddling

beer ads funny vintage pbr - 7993807616
By Unknown

The Only Way I Open Beers

beer mustache funny keep calm - 8376248320
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Beware the Duck Face

duck face picture scary - 4995309568
By Unknown

Best Support Group Ever

sign pub funny after 12 g rated - 8185230848
By Unknown

Hey, I Heard You Like...

dong drawing passed out sharpie - 5195643648
By Unknown

Shed a Tear for Those Not Lifted Up

beer sign pub funny - 8299959040
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That's One Way to Fire a Bartender

sign pub bartender funny - 8232716032
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Discovering Beer Can Be Trouble

never ask ed sheeran to take off his shirt
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I'm in the Pen15 Club as Well!

marker passed out penis - 4744944384
By Unknown

Best Cookbook Ever

drugs acid funny - 8407906048
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