nice wholesome moments

Wholesome Moments To Regain Some Faith In Humanity

It's a nice reminder.
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manager malicious compliance Horrible Bosses - 15866117

Malicious Middle-Manager Tries to “Lean Up” Team and Push Higher Workload, Team Leader Won’t Let That Fly

"Try to pile on more work to increase your bonus? Not gonna happen..."
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guy borrows wife's money for sisters wedding dress and doesn't get it back

Dude Loans Sister 5K Of His Wife's Money, Doesn't Get It Back

Why'd you go and do that, bud?
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aita relationships - 15855621

Fed Up Boyfriend Bans Pregnant Girlfriend From Riding in His Car and No It’s Not What You Think

Not the side I thought I'd be taking on this one.
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funny star trek memes

Star Trek Memes To Help Us All Live, Laugh and Prosper

It's a good show.
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Wealthy girlfriend enjoys wearing no clothing around her staff

Wealthy-Entitled Classist Girlfriend Thinks It’s Ok to Wear Little-To-No Clothing Around Her Staff, Doesn’t Care if She is Making Them Uncomfortable

We're all for body positivity. But SHEESH.
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tinder tifu dating - 15854597

Guy’s ‘Nuts’ Cut Tinder Date Tragically Short and Send Date to Emergency Room

Man, he really took her breath away.
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funny tumblr tea conversation gets turned into Shakespearean script

Laughable Tumblr Exchange Gets Turned Into Shakespearean Comedic Aside

That's very Tumblr.
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wholesome grandpa beats mechanic in court and fixes people's cars for free

Wholesome Grandpa Starts Fixing Cars For Free, Beats Greedy Mechanic In Court

Now that's a grandpa.
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AITA for telling my parents that I make more than both my siblings when they told me to get a real job

Childcare Worker Gives Her Parents A Much-Needed Reality Check After They Criticize Her Line of Work, Prompts Ire From Siblings

Childcare is work too!
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"you had one job" moments of not properly installed things

36 "You Had One Job" Moments Of Professional Nonconformity

Wow, it's so imperfect.
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poorly designed parts of the human body

With Anatomical Hatred, People Commiserate Over the Most Poorly Designed Parts of the Human Body

Buttholes. What a sh***y design.
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FAIL weddings - 15855877

Goofs and Gaffes That Were Caught on Camera That You Wouldn't Want to Happen At Your Wedding

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explosion wtf amazing tunnel shockwaves - 107703809

Tunnel Explosion Produces Impressive Visible Shockwaves

Who brought earplugs?
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3d animation needler lol dumb video games funny weird stupid - 107703553

3D Animator Gets Inspired By Hot Dog Needler Tweet, Makes It A Reality

So that's what it would be like.
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customer, customers, entitled, tattoo

Tattoo Studio Owner Puts Entitled Customers in Their Place When They Try to Lodge Complaint Against the 'Young Man' They Spoke to

"Let me speak to your owner."
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