out of touch people

People Who Were Wildly Out Of Touch With Reality

Are you serious.
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revenge petty revenge petty - 16275461

Seller Tries to Back Out of Deal After Wasting Guy's Time, Gets Outplayed Hard

The only way to deal with time-wasters.
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wtf vehicle strange interesting cars lol funny weird - 16284421

Strange And Peculiar Vehicles That Make Regular Cars Feel Boring

What's better than driving around in a beat up 1996 Honda Civic? Why, driving around in a beat up 1996 Honda Civic that's made to look like a big giant fish, of course. And if you refer to it exclusively as a “Honda Ceviche” then you are well on your way to complete self-fulfillment. There is nothing that people won't try to put on four wheels and laboriously evade the cops with. Here are some more weird and peculiar vehicles.
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twitter story funny memes Memes twitter memes know your meme funny twitter - 16275717

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Takes to Twitter With PSA Regarding the "If You're Cold" Meme

If you're cold they're cold.
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pro revenge antiwork great resignation revenge petty revenge workplace Horrible Bosses - 16275205

Manager Spreads Rumors About Guy's "Lovechild", He Starts Mass Resignation, Manager Loses Job

"The first I heard of her was when she outright fired a girl working the front desk because of a Playboy tag on a jacket."
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funny tinder tinder relationships dating apps dating online dating - 16274949

Tinderella Claims to Love "The Powerpuff Girls", Gets Mad at Extremely Obvious Reference

Why do people feel the need to fake a personality?
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exposure influencer tattoos choosing beggar - 16266501

Choosing Beggar Wants Free Tattoo Since “It’s Just a Hobby”

These people are the worst.
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antiwork tech support manager great resignation workplace Horrible Bosses Tech big quit - 16266245

System Programmer Gets Written-Up For Using Words His Boss Doesn't Understand

What a tempestuous and pusillanimous individual.
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25 crab themed memes | thumbnail left cowboy crab meme "Before you scroll away, here is todd the cowboy crab my name is todd hello i like hats i am the coolest cowboy crab ever" thumbnail right crab eating onion ring meme youtube theme "pet crab eating onion ring 1.2M views · 4 years ago joojoobii · 2 years ago j Sometimes when I'm eating alone I turn this on and pretend I'm eating with him "

A Hefty Heap Of Crab Themed Memes For Those Having A Crabby Day

Claws for days
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malicious compliance workplace karen - 16265989

Karen Complains to Facilities Manager That Her Key Card Doesn't Work, He Revokes Her Access

Be careful what you wish for, Karen.
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37 avatar last airbender meme s| thumbnail right zuko "where is my honor, what, WHERE IS MY HONOR" thumbnail right top aang in avatar state bottom toph "sharonosbourne: *wakes up from nap that I didn't know I was taking* amoying can't see the haters, can't see anything. i'm blind, where am i"

Spicy Avatar The Last Airbender Memes For Fire Nation Teens

Firey memes strait outta the fire nation
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pro revenge revenge petty revenge workplace Horrible Bosses - 16260613

Terrible Foreman Blames Coworker For Own Mistake, So Coworker Stops Correcting Them, Costs Him Big Time

"Angry Andy" deserved every bit of this.
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12 reddit text images mistakes people made with dogs } thumbnail blue background text "I went out to pick up some delicious Indian takeout last night, and took my dog along because he loves car rides.hen we got home, I went to do the usual getting out of the car routine: except there was no leash"

Dog Owners Confess Stupid Mistakes They've Made That Somehow Didn't End In Disaster

Confession time, it's all good things worked out
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twitter thread on abstract yankee candle smells

Twitter Thread: The Abstractions Of Yankee Candle Smells

When a smell becomes an idea, then a feeling.
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22 cat memes | thumbnail left cat meme "me sleeping peacefully at 3am" images of cats making loud noises, thumbnail right "paw readings, black cats welcome  captcreate Bring me the FEETIES swampseer Lemme read them beans

An Overflowing Glass Full Of Cat Memes To Quench Thirst

Feline funnies
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aita marriage relationships - 15923461

Husband Won’t Let Wife's Mother Be There When She Gives Birth, Refuses to Return From Work Trip When She Goes Into Labor

This guy's not kidding around.
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