article FAIL mass effect gaming legend of zelda Duke Nukem halo pac man video games zelda mario - 448775

Video Game Sequels More Disappointing Than The Last Jedi

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trolling ken m - 16235781

25 More Trolls From the Master of the Craft 'Ken M'

Another legendary collection.
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antiwork great resignation workplace Horrible Bosses big quit - 16260101

Jerk Boss Refuses to Accept Data Management Worker's Resignation, Tells Him He Can't Leave

Does he seriously think he can just order his workers not to quit?
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twitter tweets funny tweets tweet - 16261125

Ridiculous Tweets to Browse While You Eat(s)

Enjoy this fresh collection of funny tweets.
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gifts presents wtf present entitled weird karen - 16259077

Entitled Sister Rebrand's Brother's Gifts To Her Kids, Says They're From Santa

No one likes it when someone takes credit for someone else's hard work. It's the same reason we all hate doing group projects. This guy ran into the interesting problem of his sister trying to Santa-launder his gifts to her kids. Was she just trying to save money? Did she forget to buy enough presents? This feels like the kind of issue that shouldn't be a problem among grown ups, but y'know, Karens are gonna Karen .
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contractor knows rules, refuses to get bullied

Contractor Gets Pushed Around By Middle Manager, Hits Them With "No"

Ya love to see it.
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twitter feelings Twitter Thread interesting mental health health emotions psychology - 16256773

Informative Twitter Thread Explains Psychology Of Emotional Permanence

AKA: Why people can feel like someone hates them if they don't get a text back right away. It's at least helpful in life to be able to put a name to a phenomenon most people have felt or witnessed. In this case it's the need for reassurance people can feel even when nothing wrong has actually really occurred. It's interesting, but also, take psychological insight from the internet with a grain of salt, because it's a big internet and everyone is different. For more psychological insight from th…
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revenge coworkers petty revenge workplace coworker - 16246277

Coworker Calls Guy's Mistakes Out to Boss, He Returns the Favor

Don't be this coworker.
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design fail homes wtf architecture cringe design cursed images houses weird - 16256261

Design Nightmares To Give Architects The Creeps

The thing about rooms is that nothing feels wrong with one until something totally is. We've all seen enough bathtubs to know that they shouldn't be carpeted, and a kitchen that's designed to only fit a backwards oven is somehow anxiety inducing. Also what's the deal with people putting bathtubs and Jacuzzis on display in a main living area? What was going on in there? Here are some more rooms with bad vibes.
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basic computer knowledge people didn't understand

The Worst Moments of Basic Technological Illiteracy People Witnessed

It gets bad.
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aita relationships husband cheating dating - 16260869

Woman Gets Cheating Husband Fired When She Accidentally Reveals to His Work That He's Sleeping With a Subordinate

In what way is any of this her fault?
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26 images of nostalgic 90s junk foods | thumbnail left trix yogurt yellow and pink, thumbnail right pink and blue kool aid packages

Delectable Dump Of 90s Junk Food Nostalgia Goodness

Who else misses the 90s
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viral videos FAIL videos Video - 16249349

Girl Takes a Dunk Into River After Climbing Into and Breaking Overhanging Tree

"Y'all wanna see something cool?"
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viral videos FAIL videos construction funny fails Video - 16249093

Guy Piles One Bag of Cement Too Many on Top of the Pile

The straw that broke the camel's back...
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trolling ken m - 16236037

25 Trolls From the Legendary Master Troll 'Ken M'

A collection of trolls from the master himself.
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shower thoughts baby boomers Reddit funny - 16248837

Fresh Shower Thoughts That Will Make You Stop and Think

A new collection of the top Shower Thoughts from over the past month.
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