funny and stupid design failures

Design Fails That Could've Used A Second Set of Eyes

Great work, everyone.
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malicious compliance Horrible Bosses army - 15838981

New Army Captain Forces Armorer to Sign and Comply to Illegal Order, He Signs the Order As “Under Duress” and Ends Her Entire Career

This armorer sticks to his guns.
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funny mistaken people who missed jokes

Clueless People Who Missed The Joke By Miles

Are you serious?
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FAIL embarrassing mistake - 15836677

Horrifically Embarrassing Mistakes That Left People Stunned

Be glad you aren't these people.
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aita marriage in laws mother in law - 15826181

Woman Takes Back Gift After Mother-In-Law Rudely Rejects It, Gets Told That She "Ruined the Party"

Nothing worse than an entitled gift receiver.
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scary wtf flash flood water Damn Nature U Scary flood - 107693825

Instant Flash Flood Rips Through Guy's House

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Music lol amazing ridiculous bass funny win - 107693569

Bass Singer's Voice Is Lower Than A Toyotathon APR

Ken Turner, everyone
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funny memes that are technically correct

Technically Accurate Moments That Are Definitely Sort Of Right

Sure, okay.
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christmas aita marriage relationships - 15840261

Pregnant Wife Cancels Entitled Husbands Christmas Plans After He Invites His Entire Family Over Without Asking Her First

What a toolbag.
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christmas hoa aita grinch - 15840517

“Grinchy” HOA Karen Tries to Tell Guy That He Has Too Many Christmas Lights Up, He’s Not Even Part of Their HOA

Just your regular Clark Griswold.
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funny stories of worst foods people have eaten

People Share The Worst Foods They've Ever Eaten

Taste is subjective, kind of.
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funny fails and mistake

Chaotic Moments of Failure That Had People Rethinking Their Decisions

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funny obvious plant products

Delightfully Stupid Obvious Plant Products To Doubletake At

Oh nice, goat internet?
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entitled people and their demands

Entitled People Who Made People's Lives Definitively Worse

Why are people like this?
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gaming tifu Skyrim - 15839237

College Student Dies of Shame and Embarrassment When He Accidentally Submits an 'Adult Skyrim Mod Guide’ Instead of His Essay, Fellow Gamers Predictably Ask for Said Guide

Destruction 100. One Handed 100.
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gamer gaming rant gaming fail - 15835909

Must Install Download: Fed-Up Gamer Goes on Impassioned Rant About the State of Modern Gaming

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