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Design Nightmares To Give Architects The Creeps

The thing about rooms is that nothing feels wrong with one until something totally is. We've all seen enough bathtubs to know that they shouldn't be carpeted, and a kitchen that's designed to only fit a backwards oven is somehow anxiety inducing. Also what's the deal with people putting bathtubs and Jacuzzis on display in a main living area? What was going on in there? Here are some more rooms with bad vibes.
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basic computer knowledge people didn't understand

The Worst Moments of Basic Technological Illiteracy People Witnessed

It gets bad.
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aita relationships husband cheating dating - 16260869

Woman Gets Cheating Husband Fired When She Accidentally Reveals to His Work That He's Sleeping With a Subordinate

In what way is any of this her fault?
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26 images of nostalgic 90s junk foods | thumbnail left trix yogurt yellow and pink, thumbnail right pink and blue kool aid packages

Delectable Dump Of 90s Junk Food Nostalgia Goodness

Who else misses the 90s
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viral videos FAIL videos Video - 16249349

Girl Takes a Dunk Into River After Climbing Into and Breaking Overhanging Tree

"Y'all wanna see something cool?"
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viral videos FAIL videos construction funny fails Video - 16249093

Guy Piles One Bag of Cement Too Many on Top of the Pile

The straw that broke the camel's back...
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trolling ken m - 16236037

25 Trolls From the Legendary Master Troll 'Ken M'

A collection of trolls from the master himself.
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shower thoughts baby boomers Reddit funny - 16248837

Fresh Shower Thoughts That Will Make You Stop and Think

A new collection of the top Shower Thoughts from over the past month.
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christmas serial killer movies tifu jack frost funny marriage wife husband couples - 16260357

Guy Accidentally Convinces Wife That "Jack Frost" is a Serial Killer... For 15 Years

Jack Frost nipping at your nose.
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antiwork great resignation work workplace malicious compliance - 16248325

Guy Does Work of Position Above Without Change in Title, Boss Forgets His Benefit Package, He Racks Up Massive Amounts of PTO

Sounds like a win overall!
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aita relationship lying relationships dating sister - 16248069

Insane Woman Lies, Leaves 5 Year Old Stepson Alone, Blames Her Sister For Not Coming Over to Watch Him

What is she up to?
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cars driving Memes lol truck dumb funny - 16243717

Car Memes To Look At While Driving

We can't advocate driving while on your phone, but also if that's something you decide to do on your own, we can't do anything about it. So for the purposes of this situation, we meant that figuratively. Many of us spend a few hours a day in our cars and wish we didn't have to. That said, many of us have cars that are nicer than our homes themselves, so the prospect of sitting in a comfortable chair while going fast and listening to music isn't so bad. Here are some dumb drivers who deserve amp…
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antiwork great resignation workplace Horrible Bosses big quit - 16248581

Internet Infuriated After Guy is Handed Slip Detailing 0% Raise

2022 is gonna be a great year!
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15 glasses themed memes | thumbnail left glasses meme man with foggy lenses, thumbnail right glasses left rubbing with glasses cleaning cloth left glasses cleaning with t-shirt one month

Glasses Memes For The Four Eyed Wonders Amongst Us

Glasses humor, because why not
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rules wtf injury teacher Professors lol story college - 16245509

Teacher's No Hats Policy Meets Match In Recent Car Crash Survivor

It's interesting how quickly priorities can shift. In one moment everyone's all up in arms about hat wearing, and the next moment the teacher is yelling at you to spare everyone the pulsing, leaking nightmare of your Jason Vorhees-like scalp. All we're asking for is a little consistency, but that's a separate tragedy. Here are some other dumb rules schools enforced.
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insane Misogyny tinder relationships dating - 16247045

Tinderella Refuses to Continue Dating Guy Because He Works With Other Women, Says She's "Old School"

Sounds like internalized misogyny.
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