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43 Funny & Random Internet Gems

Memes, tweets, funny pics, and screenshots
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twitter work basketball money Video - 478724

When Working Hard Fails, You Might Have to Get Creative to Get That Raise

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twitter fired revenge - 141317

Chef Takes Glorious Revenge on the Restaurant That Allegedly Wrongfully Terminated Him

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If Your Job Was Closed-Captioning the Kardashians, You Might Have Tried to Slip This In Too

funny fail image Keeping Up With the Kardashians caption whore
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Don't, AT&T. Just Don't.

att at&t olympics tweet twitter - 6473081600
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christmas twitter list trolling - 1130501

A Man Who Shares the Name of a British Department Store Answered All the Tweets People Sent Him After the Store Released Its Christmas Ad

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monday thru friday twitter work olympics - 189189

The Infection That NBC Doesn't Want You to See

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Wholesome, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Faith In Humanity, Random Acts of Kindness | Gus Constantellis @ConstantlyGus exercising on my balcony and someone stopped at red light got out their car and started working out with did jumping jacks, pointed at each other, and laughed. He got back his car and drove off most human connection l've had 17 days | Panda caretakers disguise teach baby panda live wild.

20+ Loving People Who Restored Our Faith In Humanity

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A woman shares various overheards from her medical student husband | insert Dolly emoji here BuhRooklynne KID TOY light turns read, talk into speaker turn into song! Okay, Go! HUSBAND: GYNOCOMASTIA

Wife's Overheards Of Medical Student Husband

Always something new with a medical student.
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random memes meant to be funny

38 Random Memes To Start Your Day Off With A Bang

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silly memes to enjoy on a monday

25 Silly Memes & Posts For Your Sad Brains

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FAIL kfc NSFW twitter - 782085

KFC Australia Is Getting Fried to a Crisp for Hilarious "NSFW" Tweet

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crazy reasons people got fired from their jobs

10 Ex-Employees Share Crazy Stories Of What Got Them Fired

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stereotypes and jokes about different jobs

"Greatest Hits" Twitter Trend Has People Saying the Biggest Clichés About Their Jobs

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Pondering the Really Important Questions

monday thru friday question twitter meeting work - 8147328256
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