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Twitter Users Share Their Worst Summer Jobs With Jimmy Fallon

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What Famous Companies Would Look Like With Black Metal Logos

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Funny memes about anxiety | Anxiety if this happens But won't Anxiety But if does got there | Him Babe can just relax 's not serious relaxing Spongebob fire on the inside

16 Anxiety-Ridden Memes For Over-Thinkers

For the chronically anxious.
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silly memes to enjoy on a monday

25 Silly Memes & Posts For Your Sad Brains

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FAIL kfc NSFW twitter - 782085

KFC Australia Is Getting Fried to a Crisp for Hilarious "NSFW" Tweet

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customer service twitter list drunk text UK - 1008133

After a Night of Clubbing, One Drunken-Girl Tested the Boundaries of Great Customer Service

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It's Time For You to Meet the Canadian Company With the Oddest Product Descriptions Around

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Good to see that Dominoes is looking out for its customers

dominos pizza twitter - 5763962624
By Unknown
A collection of times that egotistical people got put in their place | letsgingerale my electricity got shut off and couldn't submit claim on their website because had no power

People's Best "No Power Here" Moments

Always a spectacle to behold.
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Man manages to dodge a speeding ticket using fart spray | JJ @FiretheGm Soooo got pulled over this morning after leaving McDonald's.l already knew why he got speeding) but course gonna ask him why he stopped decided try my luck got fart spray as gag gift on xmas and decided try out

Man Dodges Speeding Ticket With Fart Spray

New life hack, maybe.
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funny tweets, twitter, funny, memes, witty tweets, jokes, fresh tweets, relatable tweets, comedy, lol, covid-19 | Zack Budryk @BudrykZack single most important thing man can do be an ally is give his woman friends permission give dudes at bar his number so they call he can angrily say 's not funny because she died 15 years ago very night

36 Fresh & Funny Tweets For Easy Scrolling

A collection of some of the funniest recent tweets
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memes about work

20 Work Memes That'll Have You Thanking The Lord That It's The Weekend

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Pinterest: "The Virtual Corkboard"

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Via Doghouse Diaries

Stories from Retail, in 140 Character Form

customer hotel hotels retail twitter wrong - 5355733504

Some Burns Are Self-Administered

funny social media fail Some Burns Are Self-Administered
Via @liz_buckley
twitter fired revenge - 141317

Chef Takes Glorious Revenge on the Restaurant That Allegedly Wrongfully Terminated Him

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