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funniest parenting tweets of the week - thumbnail | Text - LizerReal My 5yo named her new kitten Penis. Penis is female.

Funniest Parenting Tweets

The funny parents of Twitter
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Funny and clever tweets, comedy, good tweets, twitter memes | schmox @lvoryGazelle [inventing tupperware] make with material never lets them forget one time they made spaghetti

24 Zingers From The Wordsmiths Of Twitter

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Some Employee is Going to Have To Say These Hitler Images Were Mein Mistake

funny fail images twitter exposes accidental images of Hitler on shopping website
Via @SylvieMett
sexism twitter jobs list clever sexy - 523269

Scientists Have The Best Responses to Nobel Winner's Sexist Comments Using #distractinglysexy

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Pondering the Really Important Questions

monday thru friday question twitter meeting work - 8147328256
Via @J2theMo13

RIMsels in Distress

blackberry joy of tech facebook google twitter apple microsoft - 6687038976
Via The Joy of Tech
Funny Friday memes about work

14 Tired Friday Work Memes For When You Just Wanna Go Home

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Pinterest: "The Virtual Corkboard"

apple facebook google twitter wikipedia - 6191603200
Via Doghouse Diaries
Funny memes about anxiety | Anxiety if this happens But won't Anxiety But if does got there | Him Babe can just relax 's not serious relaxing Spongebob fire on the inside

16 Anxiety-Ridden Memes For Over-Thinkers

For the chronically anxious.
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And That's How Slogans Are Created

monday thru friday twitter jokes meeting pizza slogan g rated - 8432497920
Via @KyleMcDowell86

Good to see that Dominoes is looking out for its customers

dominos pizza twitter - 5763962624
By Unknown
memes about work

20 Work Memes That'll Have You Thanking The Lord That It's The Weekend

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business card email twitter - 5415475968
By Unknown

Snow Reason Not to Try and Troll Your Way Out of Class

funny fail tweet school kids try to troll news into calling a snow day for school
Via @newschannelnine
monday thru friday twitter cold winter g rated - 386053

BuzzFeed Employees Reduced to Using Sunlight For Warmth

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funny tweets, twitter, funny twitter, jokes, memes, twitter memes, social media, relatable, funny memes | Uncle Duke @UncleDuke1969 this is like time got new label maker BIG MOUNTAIN | Madimoiselle @drivingmemadi walking into bed, bath, beyond one beyond please cashier explodes

Funny & Fresh Tweets From The Humorists Of Twitter

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