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A boss' self importance ends up resulting in his own ultimate downfall | She saw him and made some excuses and spoke her manager. She basically said manager this guys pulling fast one He agreed manager: understand have been overcharged on some meat? Dick: Yes and want refund on double difference!

Boss' Self-Importance Results In His Own Undoing

Should've just been a nice guy.
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Petty revenge is taken on a coworker who complains about free pizza | r/pettyrevenge u/anon98199 225d Join Coworker complains about free pizza So told this belongs here as well. Please enjoy So one my coworkers is huge choosing beggar. Like aggressively choosy point he will bully people who are buying him free things get exactly he wants. This normally doesn't affect as have learned just tell him fuck off course he always complains and pretends like just attacked him out nowhere but 's not

Coworker Complains About Free Pizza, Petty Feast Ensues

Free pizza somehow isn't good enough for some people.
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Karen demands that a perfect stranger work a shift for a store they don't work for. | r/IDontWorkHereLady u/SirXanthor 5h Join 3 Karen demands work shift store don't work XL Few weeks ago woken by phone call at about 5:13am by some snotty woman demanding work weekend don't even work them or retail matter. This is all went down:

Karen Demands Stranger Work Shift For Store They Don't Work At

You've got the wrong person, Karen.
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Karen threatens an employee with a write-up, and proceed to get a lesson in management | r/TalesFromTheFrontDesk u/Ancient_Ice 1y Join Front Desk Manager Threatens with write-up, and she gets lesson management. Long Backstory working as night auditor at front desk, now those don't know night auditor is like an accounting job balance all paperwork before accounting gets balance every department Restaurant, Bar, Dance Club, conference center, etc. So, our job critical be done correctly every night

Karen Threatens Employee With Write-Up, Gets Lesson In Management

Karen was out of control.
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hilarious trolling of telemarketers with just the word yes over and over.

Guy Drives Telemarketer Insane By Only Saying Yes

Well, this is incredible.
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Boss rejects employee's PC upgrade request, so the employee maliciously complies | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/Rhelyk 11h Won't get much needed PC upgrade properly do my job? OK make watch work XL run parts room at an independently owned auto body collision repair shop call owners Mr and Mrs Bossman do mostly insurance repairs and always have between 20 and 50 vehicles on-property various states repair, depending on busy are. Once estimate specific vehicle is approved my job is primarily order

Boss Denies Employee's Necessary PC Upgrade, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Congrats on the raise, indeed.
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A collection of the funny fail texts that we need. | Person - @Onision 11m Take an IQ test. If is low, don't Onision tweet. Ever. Q 14 278 52 @Onision 13m will literally block being dumb discriminate heavily against people with low IQs. Onision 15 277 O 78

Extra Spicy Geniuses With Golden Banter

On point.
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Company demands that their employee get to work on a broken bike. | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/gaarmstrong318 19h 1 4 5 e 4 3 5 VOTE 4 VOTED 2 Broken down bike don't care get here meeting! L Edit people asking this is UK have full motorbike licence with no restrictions. Again thank likes and awards! Also if aren't going say something nice just move on okay? Let's all be decent humans :end edit So this is about just quick bit background exclusively ride motorbikes have not got car licence. LO

Company Demands Employee Get To Work On Broken Bike

Be careful with what you ask your staff to do.
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Craziest excuses from students that ended up being true. | kajigleta 11h Showed up late college final because his neighbor's apartment on fire. He smelled like fire smoke so gave him an extension on time limit.

Craziest Excuses From Students That Ended Up Being True

Dogs have a real appetite for homework.
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entitled people who demanded things | Cuz im trying make full sleeve Is font want want all capital letters? Yesss And yes please Thank so much,im actually shocked and happy cuz never thought im actually getting reply u I6-S No problem Do have paypal? Yes Awesome will cost 50$ Wow 's expensive thught going be free Message.

Entitled Individuals and Their Childish Requests

It takes guts to be so bold.
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A collection of the most mindless things that have been said by credit card customers.

Mindless Things Said By Credit Card Customers

Almost feel bad for them.
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art boredom clever creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom depressing excel pixel art ridiculous Sad screw you spreadsheet unoriginal - 3440171008
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Woman takes over a manager position, is incompetent, power trips, and gets fired | r/ProRevenge Join u/CocktailsPerfected 2y all had bad bosses before, right? Not sure if this is pro revenge, or petty revenge, but figure post here. This does't paint great light, but 18/19 at time, and dick. About 8 or 9 years ago worked retail small outdoor goods store (6 members staff small Ski stuff winter, Camping/hiking summer wasn't passionate about but job's job woman who hired left pretty soon after start

Woman Takes Over Manager Position, Fails At Job, Power Trips, Gets Fired

She never should've been in management.
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dumb expensive things people spent money on and do not regret | Pissedtuna $120 towel heater will never dry off with cold towel again.

Reckless Uses Of Money People Don't Regret At All

Is a warm towel that nice?
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facepalm moments that would make the strongest person cringe

19 Head Shakingly Ridiculous Moments of Pure Facepalm

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good old fashion lawyer jokes that may be used against the accused in a court of law

10 Criminally Hilarious Lawyer Jokes And Memes

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