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In Case You Missed It...

fast food monday thru friday pizza hut sign pizza - 8356556800
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Fast Food Uniforms Just Keep Getting Worse

monday thru friday taco bell uniform poorly dressed fast food - 8432683264
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fast food fired homeless McDonald's - 75774721

Bad Decision of The Day: McDonald's Employee Throws Water in Homeless Man's Face, Gets Fired

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Saliva and Thinly Veiled Resentment Are Two Things Robots Can't Make

comic customer service fast food food service rage comic robots spit - 5267459840
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It Was a Slow Day

monday thru friday work fast food g rated - 8134070272
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Reworked: Teacher's Aren't Always Right

McDonald's airplanes fast food - 7684187136
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It Sure Will Be, Anyway...

monday thru friday sign kfc misspelling spelling fast food g rated - 8386790400
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How to Make a Customer's Day

monday thru friday customer service fast food - 8362099200
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Two Five Pieces? Do You Mean a Ten Piece?

FAIL fast food math monday thru friday work g rated - 8100984576
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Dark Side Drive-Thru

drive thru fast food food service gifs star wars stormtrooper - 5233502976

We Need a Real Renaissance Man

advertisement fast food help wanted job listing spelling - 5361274368
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Fun With To-Go Orders

monday thru friday drawing work fast food - 8091921152
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I Get No Respect

McDonald's dummies fast food - 7155424768
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drive thru fast food guitar Hall of Fame monday thru friday Music sonic Video - 33153793

Great way to order at a drive thru, or Greatest Way?

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This Promotion is Less Thought-Provoking Than They Anticipated

monday thru friday promotion cup fast food - 8295950848
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Not Like Those Other Sandwich Places...

fast food monday thru friday sandwich sign g rated - 8351167488
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