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This is Highly Unprofessional

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I'm Sick of Your Crap, Man

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Hello, Yes This is Car

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It Was a Slow Day

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Ooo Baby That's the Stuff

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It Sure Will Be, Anyway...

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At Least it Wasn't All in Pennies?

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Some People Aren't Meant to Stay in School

fast food Hall of Fame math McDonald's retail school - 5156191232

It Was a Slow Day

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drive thru fast food guitar Hall of Fame monday thru friday Music sonic Video - 33153793

Great way to order at a drive thru, or Greatest Way?

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basic instructions broken busted coca cola coke derp diabetes fast food hardware high fructose corn syrup ingenuity job lol Kludge mess paper signs signage soda soda fountain work fail work smarter not harder wtf your ever-expanding ass - 3812058112
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Do They Sell Krabby Pattys Here?

McDonald's fast food - 7256766464

The Right Name for the Job

McDonald's burger king fast food monday thru friday g rated - 7701594368

I Should Hope So

McDonald's fast food - 7256241920
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