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A Game of Lives

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Not sure who be supergluing something around their keyboard...

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Formula for Making an Indie Film Trailer

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This Is Why Bosses Do It So Much...

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This Doesn't Even Need To Be Said

bathroom note sign urinal - 4511158784
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The Program's Dead!

EULA license agreement program terms and conditions update - 6529866752
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Counting down to quitting time in artistic way

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Fun With Puns

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Take Notes Kids, This Teacher is a Prime Example of Being Shot Down After Hitting On Another Teacher

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If you're forced to come in on a snow day, this is the best way to get your passive aggression out

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Congressional Candidate Mike Webb Posts Screenshot with Porn Tabs on Facebook

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Windows Wat R U Doin

Funny picture of when Windows goes crazy and makes a staircase for Cinderella to descend from.
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Just Wait a Couple Months

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The Delivery Guy is Resourceful

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Traffic's Going to Be a Little Backed Up Today

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