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He's Not the Assistant Corporate Accounts Manager Gotham Deserves...

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The Importance of Testing on Mobile Devices

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FAIL glass bbc bridge Video - 237319

Not Sure That Swinging a Sledgehammer to a Glass Bridge is Inspiring Confidence When it Ends Up Like This

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I Just Want to Be Alone

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This Adorable Cat Just Got a Much Deserved Promotion

felix working cats This Adorable Cat Just Got a Much Deserved Promotion
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One of the Best Ways to Quit

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So I Can't Use The Force Anymore?

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The Retirement Burger

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...Just Not Very Often

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Nothing to See Here, Just a Boatload of Condoms for Me and the Missus, Move Along

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Products That Should Have Had More Thought Put Into Them: The Kate Spade New York Bag

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Oh, Stop! You're Making Me Blush!

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And It Doesn't Change When You Graduate (Assuming You're Lucky Enough to Be Employed, That Is)

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A Nice, Relaxing Afternoon Nap

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