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Now THAT'S a Recommendation!

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By Unknown

It's All Goin' Accordin' Ta Plan, Ya Hear?

Hall of Fame job - 6184293376
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33 Saucy Astrology Memes For Planet-Gazers

Memes for aspiring astrologers & casual enjoyers alike
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The office copy machine just got sexier

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By AerodyneLove

If It's a Real Emergency, Adrenaline Will Power You Through

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Last Warning, Buddy!

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By Unknown

"Math" is a Pretty Decent Tip

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I'm Sorry, But You Aren't... Mmm, Shall We Say... Suitable for This Establishment

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My Meal Isn't So Happy Anymore

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By Unknown

Is This How They Haze at the Train Yard?

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A Helpful Reminder For Your Office's Holiday Party

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So True It Hurts

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Those Are Some Filthy, Filthy Hands

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By Unknown

Don't Do This at Work... Or at Home...

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By Unknown

I Don't Know If That's True

funny fish signs I Don't Know If That's True
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