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Going the Extra Mile

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If Everyone Was Honest at Job Interviews

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Espresso With Your Number 2, Sir?

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Nothing Will Stop This Driver From Delivering Your Pizza

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The Cereal of Choice To Usher in 1000 Years of Darkness

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Samsung Mobile's New 'Galaxy Gear' Commercial is Awful and Creepy for So Many Reasons

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He Said He'll Try Back Later

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Liar Liar iPad Case on Fire

ipad news pants - 5073880576

Getting the Message Across

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How Your Bookseller Really Feels About You

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Welcome to Stapletropolis

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A True Humanitarian

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Must Have Been A "Bored" Meeting

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By Colek

It Was a Busy Day at the Office

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That's Good News... Sort Of

funny signs image That's Good News... Sort Of
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Stimulating Memes For People Who Can't Pay Attention

How many times did you have to read that?
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