twitter Game of Thrones Memes funny - 792325

Here's Some of the Best Twitter Reactions to That Big Jon Snow Reveal

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Shooting Rubber Bands Has Never Been Cooler

gif design g rated win - 8009628672
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clever Music singing sorcery Video - 30010625

Pentatonic Scale WIN

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Doesn't Look Shy to Me

Street Art nerdgasm hacked irl video games - 8087080960
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Retirement Home WIN

architecture design hanging home - 6592450304
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homeless Video random act of kindness restoring faith in humanity week - 56192513

These Interviews With the Homeless Will Give You Some Fresh Perspective on Life

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King of the hill mash up - 74756609

Mash Up of the Day: King of the Hill Gets Down with Nicki Minaj's Hey Mama

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unicorn poop - 74790913

Can This Unicorn Convince You to Poop Differently?

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Words with Friends WIN

nerdgasm scrabble star wars wordplay - 4527715072
Created by T Gragg

You Could Have Just Used the Door, Kevin

BAMF cars gif funny parachute whee - 7913526784
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Preparedness WIN

gardening nerdgasm zombie shed funny g rated win - 7534419968
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sports GoPro baseball nice catch Video - 71736321

Check Out This First-Person Shot of a Fan Catching a Line Drive Foul Ball

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Video - 81469441

The Brexit Explained Briefly

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Vending Machine WIN

soda nerdgasm doctor who vending machine g rated win - 7102035968
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random act of kindness dogs pets manly tears Video g rated win - 52617473

A Dog and His Owner Reunite After Six Months, Bring a Handkerchief

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Every Wait is a Couch Gag at This Stop

bus public transportation the simpsons hacked irl - 8342007296
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