Feel and Run WIN

bewbs cycling lady bits photography sports - 6138322944
christmas holidays presents star wars Video video games Xmas - 30268161

Christmas WINs: Jedi Elf Battle!

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The Best Name for a Laundromat

sign socks name g rated win - 8277918208
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art Music talented Video - 18900993


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Gym Water Bottle WIN

clever design Hall of Fame hidden sneaky water bottle - 5977799680

It's in the Middle of the Street, Even!

puns cars - 8058524672
Via Reddit
australia Video snake - 191239

If You Need a Snake Catcher, It Should Definitely Be This Calm AF Guy in Australia

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Body Painting WIN

art body paint illusion g rated win - 6952529408
Via Flavorwire
mind blown Video pov - 62609921

How in the World Did They Make This POV "Ninja Schoolgirls" Video?

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Arrest of the Day: 9-Year-Old Police Officer Puts The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Behind Bars

police - 8996051456
Via svantem
Music Kickass Kid Video g rated win - 50598657

This Teen Totally Destroys Van Halen's "Eruption"

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Take One WIN

mario nerdgasm sign Super Mario bros take one video game - 5336749312
Via reddit
craigslist texting funny win - 1081605

Guy Teaches Us All How to Outspam the next Spammer That Dares Cross Our Path

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This Middle School Student Wrote a Pretty Amazing Poem, But They Wrote an Even Better BACKWARDS Poem

clever g rated win poetry - 8090834944
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Pokémon art artist animals - 895493

This Talented Japanese Artist Turns Pokémon Into Real Life Animals

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wizardry drawing perspective illusion Video g rated win Hall of Fame best of week - 45181185

Anamorphic Illusions WIN

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