Locked and Loaded WIN

art church design tank weird - 5774110976
Via Empty Kingdom
Pokémon drawings funny weird - 909829

Artist with No Knowledge of Pokémon Doodles Dozens of Them and It's Completely Nuts

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design weird Video - 67702529

How Much Design Work Could You do With Only Your Nose?

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Name WIN

arrest crime name name change weird what - 5674364160
Created by xbenny78x

Everybody Walk the Dinosaur WIN

art dinosaur sculpture wait what weird - 5869888256
Via ChainsawMLT
skill Video weird what - 34904321

Whip It WIN

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impression motorcycle only in russia Video weird - 41312257

Motorcycle Impression WIN

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Coinage WIN

coin UK coincidence weird - 6796647680
Created by Unknown

Taxidermy WTF WIN

wtf design squirrel taxidermy weird Hall of Fame best of week - 6754157568
Created by ToolBee ( Via Obvious Winner )
gummy bears food funny weird Video - 52175617

Would You Try the Gummy Bear Brat?

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table tennis sports what weird Video ping pong - 67220993

It's Like Ping Pong, but You're Using Your Head! And a Soccer Ball.

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farmer ducks weird Video - 63151873

Are Your Ducks This Well Trained? Didn't Think so...

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bass instrument jazz skill Video weird - 25785601

Theramin WIN

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clever date song Video wait what weird - 29009153

11/11/11 WIN

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Making TV Magic

Via KnucklesTheFart
mashup parody Grand Theft Auto video games Super Mario bros mario weird nintendo - 84791553

Someone Who Wants to Ruin My Childhood Remade Super Mario Odyssey So It Happens in Grand Theft Auto

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