world record weird Video g rated win - 70995201

Is This the World's Longest Tongue?

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Pet Walk WIN

alligator pet store walking weird what - 6594259456
Created by Unknown

Locked and Loaded WIN

art church design tank weird - 5774110976
Via Empty Kingdom
list stunt weird Video Stupid Human Tricks g rated funny win - 77829

These Humans Have Some Special Tricks to Show You!

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Red Balloons WIN

art Balloons floating installation tree weird - 5379548928
Created by Unknown
interesting optical illusions | dog head peeking from behind a wall next to a pair of human legs | driver running out of a race car looking as if he's floating above it

Eye-Twisting Moments of Strange Perspective

"Does that dog have people legs?"
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pigeon weird Video - 67417345

Shooing Some Pigeons Away With the Ol' Crane Technique

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Snow Sculpture WIN

art snow snow sculpture apple weird - 7004452864
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Ceiling Decoration WIN

design gross half life nerdgasm weird - 5878815232
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The Best Part of Waking Up is Weirdness on Your Phone

funny memes just woke up weird
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The Exclusive Route of the Pen 15 Club

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marriage wtf list stories weird - 1055493

People Shared the Good, the Bad and the Weird Experiences of Mail Order Spouses

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Sand Sculpture WIN

art design sand sculpture weird yoga - 5617952768
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weird Video Stupid Human Tricks g rated win - 60928513

These Lips Prove This Guy Might Not be Human

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Let Your Freak Flag Fly

sign wisdom funny weird - 7802312960
Via Joanne Casey
science weird Video g rated win - 71621121

So, What Happens When You Add Molten Aluminum to a Lava Lamp?

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