Literal WIN

food literal meat pig sculpture weird - 5286104576
By Unknown

Deep Fried WIN

skeleton dinosaur weird - 7031515392
By Dave
Collection of funny wrong number texts that left us very entertained.

12 Perfect Responses To Entertaining Wrong Number Texts

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lift Video bike what weird - 43043073

Sweet Lift WIN

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The Exclusive Route of the Pen 15 Club

Via ketchuppacket
public transportation Video random act of kindness weird - 64852225

There's an Operator in Philadelphia That Wants to Make Every Ride Magical

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rubber band weird Video - 67218945

The Weird, Wonderful Look of a Rubber Band Ball Sawed in Half

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What do You Suppose He's Interested in?

Via Iowaortho

Sand Sculpture WIN

art design sand sculpture weird yoga - 5617952768
Via Colossal
Music Video weird - 67451649

The Yaybahar is a Weird New Acoustic Instrument That Sounds Like a Sweet Synthesizer

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There's a Yeti Walking the Streets of Boston After the East Coast's Blizzard

blizzard snow prank weird snowmageddon g rated win - 8436622848
Via BostAnon
art projection Video weird - 38396417

Projection at Sydney WIN

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ball bubble g rated Hall of Fame soccer sports Video weird win YT video - 35576577

Bubble Football WIN

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Web Tree WIN

creepy photography spider tree web weird - 5386920448
Via I Have Seen the Whole Of The Internet

The Sporks Have Found Their Leader

sign weird g rated win - 7234995968
Via Reddit

Creepy Pranking WIN

creepy mask prank weird Hall of Fame best of week - 6796649984
By Unknown
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