climbing free running heights only in russia parkour vertigo Video - 33301249

Climbing Like a Russian WIN

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Hanging Out WIN

dont-look-down heights perspective vertigo - 6451549952
Via Colossal

Long Way Down WIN

long way down heights cliff vertigo - 6773836800
Via Reddit

That is Some Terrible Lumbar Support

Hiking mountains vertigo - 8070860288
Created by Unknown

Mother Nature FTW: Trolltunga, Norway

cliff landscape mother nature ftw Norway vertigo view - 5702861568
Created by Unknown
skydiving news BAMF vertigo Video - 56010753

Eleven Skydivers Escape From a Plane-to-Plane Collision in This Incredible Footage

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Getting High at the Burj Khalifa

tower photography vertigo - 7153720576
Via Joe McNally
balance chairs circus gymnastics stunt vertigo Video - 40207361

Stacking Some Chairs WIN

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GoPro BAMF base jumping vertigo Video g rated win - 67875585

Take a Death-Defying Leap From a Radio Tower With These Crazy BASE Jumpers

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Chalk Art WIN

Street Art chalk art perspective vertigo illusion - 6819784704
Created by Unknown

Don't Look Down, That's Just a Group of Slackline Pros Making Camp in the Sky

bad idea tightrope camping vertigo - 8399714304
Via Slackline Media
skydiving BAMF vertigo Video - 67258369

Upside-Down Footage of Skydivers, try Not to Get Vertigo

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Self-Portrait WIN

Brother Nature FTW heights photography self portrait vertigo - 5621595904
Created by Unknown

Some People Get Really, REALLY Involved in Their Cosplay

Via wanttoshreddit

Completely Relevant News: A Bit of a Hike

completely relevant news heights insane record vertigo Video - 5117927680
wing suit BAMF vertigo Video g rated win - 49495809

This Wingsuit Flight Might Make You Faint

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